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Facebook continues its efforts to provide advantages to small businesses. The social media platform is said to be working on a model that can provide grants to small businesses. With this model, the company aims to correct the damage caused by the coronavirus epidemic on the world economy. But allegedly, several small businesses benefiting from this model have suffered recently. So how did the attack on small businesses using Facebook happen? Here are the details of the attack on small businesses using Facebook!

How Did The Attack on Small Businesses Using Facebook Happen?

Small businesses were initially very satisfied with this grant model. But the model worked for the hackers too. Cybercriminal groups who used the grant to deceive people launched hundreds of phishing attacks. In the attack, hackers used a fake article saying that Facebook would donate money to people affected by the pandemic.

How Hackers Deceived People in the Attack on Small Businesses Using Facebook?

  • The link to the article was designed to look like an article written by CNBC.
  • Since CNBC is a reliable news outlet, people didn’t think the article was fake. From their perspective, CNBC had published an article stating that Facebook would give grants to small businesses.
  • The attack took place when everybody was experiencing economic difficulties, and nobody would say no to financial aid.
  • Because nowadays most people just read the headlines and don’t look at the rest of the news, hackers probably managed to fool many people.

Hackers took advantage of these to collect sensitive data such as people’s identities, credit card numbers, and so on. The exploitation of such sensitive situations like coronavirus to steal people’s credentials is a severe problem. Also, hackers started using messaging platforms such as WhatsApp in these types of cyber attacks. They encouraged people to spread fake news. People who believe in the fake news shared the article with everyone on their contact list. As a result, the phishing attack got bigger.

How Can We Avoid Attacks on Facebook and Other Phishing Attacks?

1. Prepare yourself for phishing attacks using cybersecurity awareness tools!

Every day, we see a new type of phishing attack. Cybercriminals always try to upgrade their plans; they work hard to improve their phishing and ransomware attacks. We should also improve ourselves in order not to be a victim of their clever plans. Our Cyber Security Awareness Educator helps you gain awareness about the latest developments in cybersecurity. You can use to these techniques avoid phishing attacks. The tool includes phishing scenarios, gamified education videos, wallpapers, articles about phishing, and the latest newsletters. Don’t waste time; start your cyber security education now!

2. Test your knowledge about phishing with simulated phishing tests!

No matter how knowledgeable you are, you are always under threat when it comes to phishing attempts. Threats can come from unexpected places, and hackers can get your information before you know it. The best measure you can take against phishing attacks is to invest in yourself. You can use our Phishing Simulator to gain experience with phishing attacks. Phishing simulations help you test your cybersecurity knowledge with hacking experiences. Using our tool, you can also determine the level of awareness of your employees and choose the appropriate cyber security training for them.

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