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Email Security Solutions – Emails are the most used communication channels in today’s digital computer and internet era. Every person who is computer literate has either sent or received emails in their lifetime. Unfortunately, therefore emails are also a significant opportunity for hackers. Cybercriminals can transmit messages with malicious content in order to steal confidential data and may cause great damage to your organization.

There are several email security solutions your company and individual users can adopt in order to prevent these threats from cybercriminals. Therefore, my purpose today is to explain these email security solutions to you.

1- Antivirus Protection

Hackers send malicious content through email attachments and fake links in messages. If a user accidentally clicks on such links or downloads such files, there is a possibility that viruses can spread across information systems. The correct way to deal with such situations is to have strong antivirus protection. This software program scans every incoming and outgoing email for malicious content and blocks their entry or exit, depending on the situation. Therefore, it identifies and eliminates these viruses that can cause damage to computer network systems and your organization.

2- Image and Content Control

Hackers use emails for phishing purposes. Email attachments can contain files, links, and even pictures. Recently there have been numerous phishing instances where cybercriminals have managed to transmit malware through images. Therefore, it is essential that email security services also protect systems by scanning images. It is one of the most significant aspects of email security.

3- Spam Filters

A significant part of the emails you receive every day are marketing emails. These emails clog your email inbox in such a way that you almost miss some important business email. Moreover, cybercriminals take advantage of these marketing emails by sending out phishing emails. An unsuspecting user can open such emails and click on malicious links provided in the phishing email. It may result in serious repercussions such as compromising financial details.

Hence, installing spam filters can help isolate these marketing and phishing emails by routing them to a distinctive email inbox. That way, your regular email inbox won’t get clogged up. So you won’t miss any important business email. Secondly, you won’t miss important business emails.

Keep Your Company Safe Using Core Email Security Solutions Provided by Keepnet Labs!

Phishing Simulator – Phishing is one of the most serious threats to businesses and consumers worldwide, and the number of recorded phishing attacks continues to grow exponentially. Because of the nature of phishing, your co-workers and employees have become the weak link in your cybersecurity. With the field-proven phishing simulation module of Keepnet Labs, you can safely and proactively test and quantify this human vulnerability by sending harmless phishing attacks to your team, tracking their actions, and reporting back to you.

Awareness Educator – Measuring your organization’s vulnerability to phishing attacks and cyberthreats generally means nothing if you don’t have a current process to make improvements through education. Keepnet Labs Awareness Educator steps right in here. It ensures users who are caught by Keepnet Labs phishing simulations become more aware of threats and better-equipped to identify sophisticated phishing emails in the future.

Email Threat Simulator – Keepnet Labs Email Threat Simulator module regularly tests your company’s technological investments (such as firewalls, anti-spam, and antivirus) using simulation logic to simulate attack vectors targeting organizations through your email services. The results allow you to discover weaknesses in your technology in a secure environment and proactively take action before being attacked.


  • Use Keepnet Phishing Simulator to test your team against phishing attacks
  • Use Keepnet Awareness Educator to train your employees who caught by Phishing Simulator
  • Use Keepnet Email Threat simulator to test additional vulnerabilities in your company’s security.

By applying email the security solutions I explained earlier, and these three Keepnet Labs features, you will significantly strengthen your organization’s email security.

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