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Phishing attacks are a topic that everyone has been talking about lately. Almost all officials talk about the importance of cybersecurity training against attacks. So why should we invest in cybersecurity training?

Phishing has become such a big problem over the past years that everyone, regardless of industry or country, is under attack at any time. The attacks are now such that the US Security Secretary declared phishing one of the most important threats to national security. The secretary drew attention to the importance of anti-phishing measures, saying that the most devastating attacks almost always begin with a simple fishing line.

Employees are the people most likely to share their personal information, falling victim to the proprietary and sophisticated methods of hackers. Since human errors are the main source of attacks, the training of employees comes first in anti-phishing measures. That’s why trained workers are the front line in protecting against phishing. If we want to take a strategic approach to attacks, we must first increase the cyber awareness of the employees. Let’s take a look at what can happen to us if this is not done.

Why Should We Invest in Cybersecurity Education: The Damage Caused by Attacks

Everyone, from the most famous people to the most normal people, can be harmed by attacks. The best example of this is what happened to Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta, last year. The campaign process was attacked by phishing where hackers took over Podesta’s personal email account. Hackers rummaged through the inbox, providing access to all Podesta’s correspondence. As a result, they reached the details of the correspondence between Democratic Party members and the campaign. As a result of the attack, 50,000 e-mails containing sensitive information leaked to the media.

Another critical statistic came from Los Angeles. Research conducted in the state of Los Angeles showed interesting results. Accordingly, 108 employees’ e-mail accounts have been hacked. Employees had unwittingly opened a phishing e-mail and responded to the incoming message. The phishing attack affected more than 750,000 people in total.

Many companies seeking protection from attacks have invested in cybersecurity awareness training to raise awareness of their employees. Therefore, there is a serious growth in the cybersecurity education and antivirus market. According to a study, the cybersecurity market is going to reach a volume of $ 10 billion in 2027. Although it is an unquestionable fact that cybersecurity awareness training is effective, it is still a matter of curiosity how much should be invested in training. Therefore, in this article, we will talk about how you can measure the impact of cyber awareness training. According to the measurements, it is very easy to find the answer to the question of how much we should invest in cybersecurity training.

Why Should We Invest in Cyber ​​Security Training?: The Impact of Security Training

One of the issues that companies are most interested in lately is the return on investment in cybersecurity training. As every company is for-profit, the effectiveness of their training and return on investment is very important. Here are a few parameters you can use to measure the impact of safety training:

1. Time Spared for Training by Employees:

One of the most important criteria in cybersecurity planning is the attractiveness and interactivity of the training. To understand this, you can look at the time allocated to training by employees. So, if the training is of interest to employees, they will spend more time watching training videos or browsing content. Gamified cybersecurity training is perfect for this job. By using our Cyber ​​Security Awareness Trainer, you can organize training as and as often as you want. With our trainer, we offer you all kinds of educational content, from awareness videos, Ninjio fishing animations, posters with advice on fishing, to awareness bulletins. Click for more information.

2. Phishing Statistics:

You can measure the impact of cybersecurity awareness training by testing the knowledge of the best employees. Using our phishing simulation tool, you can easily design simulations suitable for your employees and get simulation results immediately. Simulation results allow you to continuously monitor user performance. So, you can measure the impact of the training by looking at:

  • Participation rate in cybersecurity training
  • Click-through rates on phishing emails or malicious links
  • Phishing email reporting rates
  • Statistics on how long employees detected an attack

3. Trust in the Cyber Security Team:

Employees who do not trust the company officials will not participate in the training adequately. Therefore, it is very important to establish trust between the security team and the employees. Increased cooperation between employees and officials will increase awareness of phishing attacks throughout the company. Companies, employees, and the security team that truly care about employee training strive to build a collaboration. Also, the collaboration between the two teams shortens the time for employees to report a phishing attack in the event of an attack, so you can take action faster. For this, you can also use our Incident Response tool. Our tool allows your employees to report any attack with a single click. Click to learn more and to check our other anti-phishing tools.

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