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One of the most targeted tools for phishing and ransomware attacks on personal or corporate email accounts. That’s why electronic email security has become a concern for all companies, especially nowadays when phishing attacks are on the rise. Attacks such as spear-phishing, where hackers target specific individuals, increase the email related risks significantly. So, that’s why we will give you information on how to keep your email safe.

How To Keep Your Email Safe

You need to protect yourself and your company against these types of attacks with sophisticated protection methods. In addition, you should implement a comprehensive email security program for seemingly simple threats such as spam emails and malware. For this very purpose, we develop our tools to cover your comprehensive security needs. We offer advanced business email management tools to your service to protect you against cybersecurity threats that are renewed and developing every day.

How To Keep Your Email Safe Using Our Tools?

1. Email Gap Analysis:

You can test your e-mail services using the Email Gap Analysis, which is the most important e-mail security tool among the tools we offer. In this way, you will ensure your e-mail security without paying hefty amounts and without the need to use a product or software. Our tool is designed to provide full-time email security against different and advanced risks. Here are a few protection methods included in this advanced email security service:

  • Testing the email infrastructure
  • Checking incorrectly configured emails
  • Examining and analyzing anomaly detection systems (SIEM) and traditional protection mechanisms (Antispam, Antivirus, Content Filter, etc.)
  • Testing Fireeye, Deep Security, and similar tools using next-generation email attacks
  • Revealing vulnerabilities and finding solutions to them before any attack occurs
  • Using real attack vectors such as ransomware, malware, or APT attacks when targeting email inboxes
  • Prepare a detailed report on post-test deficiencies and solutions and provide the best configuration options
  • Using techniques such as domain squatting to see your level of security

2. Incident Response:

In addition to our Email Gap Analysis tool, we offer you a variety of technologies to address one of the most critical challenges in email security. One of them is our Incident Response tool. Our tool protects against phishing and spear-phishing attacks by helping your users quickly report email in case of suspicion. With this tool, your employees can report suspicious e-mail with one click. The authorized team scans the URLs found in the e-mail and examines whether they link to bad websites. It then increases e-mail security by preventing access to these sites. You can visit our site for more information.

How To Keep Your Email Safe?: Other Methods You Can Use

Have you ensured your e-mail security easily with the methods we mentioned above, but phishing attacks still haunt you? Training your employees is as important as keeping your systems safe. You can benefit from Cyber ​​Security Awareness Training for this. Our tool helps you control the flow of sensitive information by instilling security awareness in your employees. Since conscientious employees will not share their confidential information everywhere, you will protect your company against targeted phishing attacks. In addition, you can measure the level of knowledge of your employees with Phishing Simulations and train them in areas where they are lacking. By using our platform, you can prevent various email threats and other social engineering methods, including malware, phishing, and ransomware. Click for more information!

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