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According to new research, cybersecurity training loses its effect within six months. However, the importance of awareness in cybersecurity is still undeniable.

What Do Studies Say About The Importance of Awareness in Cybersecurity?

In a study conducted in the US, experts obtained vital statistics on phishing attacks. According to the results, one of the 3,231 emails received by American citizens is phishing emails. This rate is much higher in the UK. Cyberattacks continue without slowing down. So much so that hackers now organize even more advanced phishing attacks. The viruses they use can pass through the latest technology firewalls and antivirus systems. What’s more, they all look at the fault of a single employee. And this little mistake has irreversible consequences.

According to another study, human errors are behind 90 percent of phishing attempts.

The Importance of Awareness in Cybersecurity: Increasing Employee Awareness

The easiest and most effective way to combat these advanced attacks is training and increasing employee awareness. Cybersecurity training is still the most effective defense method against recent attacks. Experts recommend increasing the number of training and making them suitable for the company’s field. Also, regular reminders to the employees after the training increase the effect.

In cybersecurity training, not only the use of complex passwords but also security awareness should be mentioned. Only in this way can the authorities create a perception of cybersecurity that covers the whole company. Unless this awareness is well-established, employees will continue to be vulnerable to emerging threats.

Companies need to set up a planned training program to reduce threats and make it a principle to instill safety awareness. For this, they should expand the content of training programs.

Training should range from smishing to spear phishing, phishing attacks with local files, to ransomware attacks. The content should be updated continuously and applied interactively.

The results of the research conducted in the past months also support this. In these studies, experts determined that employees could detect phishing emails after four months, but that errors increased after six months.

The Importance of Awareness in Cybersecurity: Frequency is The Key!

The frequency of the training and their repetition at regular intervals decreases the error rate. Periodic reminders are also crucial for the learned knowledge to sit down. According to experts, employees cannot apply their cybersecurity knowledge in a short time. Reminders are frequently required for the information to settle. But not every reminder is useful. As a result of the research, it turned out that video reminders and interactive games are beneficial. With these reminders, companies can increase the effect of training up to 6 months.

As a result, cybersecurity is an area that every company should invest in today, and cybersecurity, like everything else, requires effort. Simple and ineffective training plans often don’t work. Companies need to work on training and pay serious attention to cybersecurity.

The Importance of Awareness in Cybersecurity: How Should Companies Shape Their Cyber ​​Security Programs?

1. Add phishing simulations to your program to enhance the effects of training!

Phishing simulations are indispensable for companies that want to protect themselves against increasing attacks. Our phishing simulator works harmoniously with our cybersecurity awareness tools. According to the phishing simulation results, you can identify your employees’ weak points and then prepare appropriate cybersecurity training programs for them. Use phishing trainings to identify the needs of your employees correctly!

2. Use incident response tools to make it easier for employees to report attacks!

Reporting is as important as cybersecurity training these days. With our incident response tool, your employees can report anything suspicious with one click. Since the user experience with Incident Responder is very simple, it makes reporting very easier. It also shortens the time between phishing attacks and preventive actions. Start protecting yourself using incident response tools without wasting any more time!

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