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Today the traditional anti-phishing solutions are not sufficient to shield organisations against new generation cyber crimes,  because cyber attacks are evolving into the inconspicuous armaments to undertake the target. Therefore, taking proactive measures are much more important than taking reactive ones.

Additionally, more and more businesses operate in digital to make the day-to-day business cycle more comfortable. This lures criminals to attack them for financial benefit.

According to 2019 Cyber Security Breaches Survey, “among those organisations that have experienced breaches in the past 12 months, phishing attacks are also typically the single most disruptive cyber attacks that organisations face”


Figure 1.  2019 Cyber Security Breaches Survey

It is attractive for cybercriminals to both hack the systems and trap people into handing information over. However, most of the criminals use the phishing as their primary method of attack. They apply to the latest means to infiltrate into the target system, hence many anti-phishing solutions are not adequate to detect and stop them. Therefore,  businesses require the best anti-phishing solutions to fight them.

Modern Anti-phishing Solutions

There are plenty of anti-phishing solutions available on the market you can use to make sure your business is safe that are broadly categorised into non-technical and technical anti-phishing solutions.

Some non-technical anti-phishing solutions include:

  • Raising awareness among employees.
  • Following security best practices for online safety
  • Sustaining cybersecurity training.
  • Implementing proper policies and procedures for the business.

Technical anti-phishing solutions include:

  • Using phishing prevention software
  • Securing the web server,
  • Securing web applications
  • Email Client Configuration
  • Applying Threat Intelligence technologies
  • Using incident response tools

The modern anti-phishing solutions should include three holistic elements:  people, process, and technology:

  • People: The focus should be on the “human factor”, using engaging, structured, content to raise cybersecurity awareness and engender “active defence” behaviours.
  • Process: You should support the development and management of user cybersecurity awareness plans, monitor user compliance and Key Performance Indicators and embed cybersecurity as an intrinsic part of the corporate culture.
  • Technology: You should scan and isolate malicious attachments and email content and provide system administrators with “one-click” management across the enterprise.

Try Keepnet Labs Next-Generation Anti-phishing Solutions for free

Keepnet Labs protects businesses throughout the full lifecycle of email-based cyber-attacks. We have developed a full spectrum suite of cyber-security defence, threat monitoring, security management and user awareness products that encapsulate an integrated approach to people, processes and technology thus reducing the threat in all areas of cyber risk.

We are committed to continuous innovation and expansion of our suite of anti-phishing solutions and security products in order to meet the needs of a dynamic and rapidly growing networked population in a constantly evolving cyber-threat environment.

Our cyber defence strategy adopts three holistic elements:  people, process, and technology:

Our internal corporate strategy creates a stimulating and innovative environment where the Keepnet team have the opportunity to continually enhance their skills and creativity while contributing to growth.

Keepnet Labs improve overall organisational security posture and mitigate cyber-risk by;

  • Real-time analysis and management of email-borne threats;
  • Threat simulation designed to test the organisations’ cybersecurity posture;
  • The availability of timely threat intelligence;
  •  Via realistic, but safe, phishing simulation; and
  • Supporting cybersecurity awareness training programmes.

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