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Ransomware attacks are on the rise in 2019.  These attacks lock individuals’ and organisations’ data unless they pay a ransom. Many anti phishing tools failed to protect businesses against these attacks.

Ransomware attacks in 2019  have been high-profile attacks e.g. Lake City, Florida case, that the city paid $530,000 in bitcoin to cybercriminals to get its data in June.

Also, another Florida city, Riviera Beach,  had to pay $600,000 to get their data back from cyber criminals. The latest victim is the UK’s biggest forensic services provider had to pay ransom to cybercriminals to retrieve its data.

These examples remind us of the importance of anti phishing tools as the primary and secondary defence system against any online or offline threats like Ransomware.

Ransomware on Business Increase by 195% 

According to a recent Malwarebytes report, Ransomware attacks on business increased in the first quarter of 2019. 1  According to research,  these attacks are up by 195 per cent since the fourth quarter of 2018.

According to the statistics for 2019,2 there has been a tremendous rise in the total number of ransomware attacks.  Businesses reporting has increased to an excess of 500 per cent.

Businesses payout rather than lose their data

Many businesses prefer to pay out rather than lose their data. Thus the number of Ransomware attacks are on the rise.  Also, many anti phishing tools fail to prevent these attacks and cybercriminals see that their attacks unquestionably work. For instance, Lake City paid around $10,000 of the $530,000 ransom, because the insurance company covered up the rest to money. However, meeting criminals’ demands is also critical, because businesses are not guaranteed to get their data unlocked, even if the criminals have the money. Giving in the demands will probably increase the likelihood of future Ransomware attacks.

How to Stop Ransomware

Despite stopping Ransomware is difficult, there are some anti phishing tools that protect your business against these attacks and boost your business with an effective anti phishing plan and controls by employing the right security measures. Many organisations lack advanced anti phishing tools and technologies for generic protection. Also, Ransomware evolves to exploit and avoid many tools and technologies. For example, deleting itself so quickly after encrypting files that it can’t be analyzed. Anti phishing solutions should include processes and techniques to fight ransomware attacks.

Best anti phishing tools to protect your business against Ransomware

Phishing Simulator

It is important to detect the weak points in your business or network.  Are your employees are active in detecting, blocking or reporting ransomware? Which are business units more vulnerable to Ransomware? As an anti phishing tool, Phishing Simulator provides businesses with a quick look at their employees’ awareness status.  Businesses can simulate multiple Ransomware attacks and infection scenarios to their employees and see if an employee or a business unit is vulnerable. This tool can be used to train users with real-life examples in a benign environment.

Email Threat Simulator

As an anti phishing tool, businesses use can Email Threat Simulator to test the capabilities of their defensive technologies and controls. This anti phishing tool has a feature to send malicious files or URLs to distribute the latest ransomware samples or trends and can encrypt files on the affected system as a real Ransomware does. With this anti phishing tool, you can evaluate your border security like anti-spam, anti-virus, firewall and sandbox technologies and update them according to Emails Threat Simulation results.  Also, you can see the readiness of your SOC/IR team against these attacks.

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Awareness Educator

In the fight against ransomware, the best approach should be stopping your employees to be a victim in the first place.  User training is a key component in blocking malware infections. This also applies to ransomware attacks. The most prevalent infection processes used in ransomware attacks are still spam and phishing emails. Therefore, user awareness can stop an attack. Train your users and ensure they have the best practice to combat against Ransomware.

Incident Responder 

As an effective anti phishing tool,  Incident Responder can help you to sop threats that bypassed your security technologies. Incident Responder detects and analyses and removes Ransomware or other phishing attacks that bypass all your email security technology like anti-spam, anti-virus, firewall, and Sandbox.   With Incident Responser, employees can report suspicious emails and they are rapidly analyzed and if they are detected as malicious, they are removed from users’ inboxes with automation

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