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What is Cyber ​​Security Awareness Training, and How Did These Training Come Out?

The training companies give to employees on various cybersecurity threats and phishing attacks is called cybersecurity awareness training. Security awareness training aims to inform employees about all kinds of cyberattacks. In training, employees learn about their companies’ policies against phishing and ransomware attacks and the procedures applied in the case of such an attack. What the training should cover has been a matter of serious debate in the field of cybersecurity in recent years. Today, these trainings are based on making employees feel safe and maximizing the protection of the company in every sense, beyond the usual cybersecurity training. For this reason, security training can be applied in different ways for each company. The common point of the training is that they are generally given online or using computers.

Research conducted in recent years has revealed the importance of repeating cybersecurity training. In other words, cybersecurity training is no longer a one-time event. Companies often began to train employees with more comprehensive safety awareness programs. Employees across the company have also begun to view cybersecurity training as a critical practice. As a result, this training has become the cornerstone of cybersecurity culture and awareness in companies.

What is the Aim of Cyber ​​Security Awareness Training?

As its name suggests, Cyber ​​Security Awareness Training aims to increase the awareness of employees about cybersecurity. In this respect, training is critical to ensure security in the company because today’s work style brings many cyber attacks. Also, phishing attacks and other cyberattacks are developing and changing day by day. The source of most of these attacks today is people’s mistakes. In other words, employee errors. The company bodies most exploited by hackers are also employees.

Cybersecurity awareness training aims to teach employees what to do in the face of such attacks. It gives employees the necessary information about fighting attacks and allows them to test this knowledge. Since employees are unlikely to acquire this information independently, companies should take the initiative and plan these practices. Also, even if employees learn the security awareness themselves, they may not fully comprehend company-specific threats. At this point, information transfer is essential in this training, as company officials know better the specific risks and threats that concern the company. As a result of the training, employees will better understand what to look for and what to do when faced with these attacks.

Why is Training Necessary?

According to recent research, many employees are not even aware of the risks they face when it comes to cybersecurity and phishing attacks. On top of that, some employees have been misinformed about cybersecurity. They don’t know what to do against risks or attacks; they continue to practice the wrong behavior. This is exactly why cybersecurity awareness training becomes even more critical. Many confused employees don’t even know what cybersecurity awareness is. Most of the employees think that preventing phishing attacks is the responsibility of company officials and do not want to take responsibility. When this is the case, the company becomes very weak and vulnerable to data privacy and cybersecurity issues.

We understand much better today that it is our responsibility to ensure cybersecurity. Phishing and ransomware attacks, which increased with the coronavirus epidemic last year, have alarmed all of us, including company employees. Behaviors that we thought to be harmless until now and insignificant mistakes we made can cause serious losses. That’s why we are in one of the times when we most need cybersecurity awareness training. It does not seem possible to ensure security unless everyone in the company, from C-level employees to new hires, are at the same level of cybersecurity awareness and strive with the same determination to prevent phishing attacks. Therefore, the awareness of the entire workforce is essential. So how should we approach cybersecurity awareness training, and what should we benefit from?

How Should Cyber ​​Security Awareness Trainings Be Conducted?

As we mentioned above, the threats we have faced in recent years have diversified, and hackers have begun to plan different phishing attacks. Effective cybersecurity awareness training should also address these changes. Regardless of being online or face to face, training should consist of studies aimed at reducing the risks related to cybersecurity and phishing. It is essential to keep employees fit, especially by using catchy, interactive, and applicable studies. Only in this way can employees put their knowledge and skills acquired in training into practice in the remote working system.

1. Interactivity and memorability are key!

Generally, the training applied today cannot meet the interactivity and memorability. Company officials sometimes talk much about cybersecurity procedures and regulations, and spending too much time on such issues bores employees. Instead, cybersecurity training supported by games and interactive tests can enable employees to learn while having fun. Our cybersecurity awareness educator is perfect for this job. Our trainer supports employees with games, tests, animations of phishing attacks and maximizes their learning levels. You can visit our site for more information.

2. Security Awareness Training should be supported by Phishing Simulations.

In the increasing phishing attacks and changing cyber environment, cyber awareness training may not provide protection by itself. At this point, experts recommend that you support cybersecurity awareness training with phishing simulations. Our Phishing Simulator works with our Cyber ​​Security Awareness Educator for exactly this purpose. Employees are directed to training on weaknesses after simulation. In this way, they receive support in areas where they have incomplete information or are completely uninformed. With these tools, you can support your employees in every way and continue your work safely.

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