New Report on Intellectual Property Attacks 

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With COVID-19, a lot has changed in our lives. One of the important things that changed has been concerning cybersecurity. The new and improved risk environment brought along new threats. Attacks on companies’ intellectual property are one of the biggest threats that have increased during the pandemic. A major research company recently published a new report on intellectual property attacks.

What does the new report on intellectual property attacks say?

Experts draw attention to the importance of intellectual property in corporate life. In the report, the threats that businesses have faced in this area in recent years are discussed, and the reasons behind the increased risks are examined.

According to the results, most companies do not pay enough attention to intellectual property and therefore often leave this area behind when planning risk. Hackers have taken advantage of this weak spot ever since they realized this situation. This leads to an increase in intellectual property attacks against companies. The damage caused by cyberattacks is growing in companies that do not pay due attention to their intellectual property.

Businesses entered a full digitalization process during the pandemic period. Most companies preferred to run all their business remotely. Internet-based systems such as remote work and digitalization have made companies’ intellectual property vulnerable. These still ongoing processes brought about attacks such as phishing and ransomware attacks.

The report lists increased risks due to such cybersecurity threats. The most important finding is that the remote working system makes it difficult for organizations to protect confidential information.

The report explains the risks associated with intellectual property files, one by one, from the research and development stage to making money. It also explains the measures we can take against these risks. For example, confidentiality agreements signed with employees and business partners during the research and development process, agreements about ownership rights, or minimizing information transactions.

The Measures You Can Take According to The New Report on Intellectual Property Attacks

  1. You should not share your intellectual property with anyone until it is registered and becomes the public domain.
  2. You should follow the laws on intellectual property and run your registration under their guidance.
  3. Companies can maximize the value you get by choosing the appropriate registration type for their intellectual property.
  4. It would be best if you first decided how comprehensive the registration should be. Taking into account your company’s structure and geographic scope is also important.
  5. Keeping your employees informed about the use of confidential information is essential.
  6. Finally, being recognized in the market as a company that cares about protecting its intellectual property will reduce potential attacks.

How to avoid possible threats in the first place?

1. Inform your employees about the latest developments in cybersecurity.

Let’s say you found your organization’s vulnerabilities to phishing attacks and cyberthreats. This means nothing unless you inform your employees about these weak spots. Education is the foundation of successful cybersecurity programs. Using our Awareness Trainer tool, you can follow the cybersecurity sector developments and train your employees with cutting-edge training. Our tool includes educational content such as HTML5 Security Training, Animation Videos. We also offer our customers Posters, Screen Savers, Cyber Security Bulletins, Phishing Security Tips, Ninjio Animation Training Videos, gamified security awareness training to increase the security awareness of their employees.

2. Prepare for possible threats by testing your technologies.

Spear phishing technique is used in most of all cyber attacks on corporate networks. So don’t be sure that your technological tools that will protect you are working properly. Our Email Gap Analysis tool uses up-to-date phishing attacks to test new generation tools, detection systems, or traditional protection mechanisms such as antivirus and antispam applications by imitating these phishing attacks. You can expand the protection options by examining the results of these simulations. Using this tool, you can prepare in advance for the latest phishing attacks that hackers planned for you.

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