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The impact of phishing attacks on companies is increasing day by day. Current cyber security technologies can prevent the vast majority of phishing attacks before they reach the user, and none of the solutions found so far have been able to solve all of the phishing attacks without affecting the user. That’s why the biggest defense mechanism for companies is to train employees, to recognize and report phishing attacks. However, not all training is successful because the training tools are different from each other. That’s why we offer you a new solution, a new development in cyber security!

When fighting phishing attacks, it is essential to identify your company’s weaknesses and examine the causes of the attack. Only after understanding these, you can find the right solution for your company. That’s why, in this article, we’ll talk about current phishing attack training.

What is the newest development in cyber security?

Every company has a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), responsible for producing solutions to millions of threats every day. With the widespread use of the shadow IT system and employees bringing their own computers, most companies today are using a combination of legacy in-house systems and cloud solutions. This means that IT departments will need more comprehensive and modern phishing solutions across the company. CISOs are looking for new ways, as old self-reporting solutions by employees do not provide enough information about behavioral changes or risk. As it is currently difficult to understand the improvement in employees, it is very important to use methods that can detect improvement properly.

In addition, IT workers also feel that up-to-date safety awareness training reduces productivity. Employees who exhibit wrong behaviors during the simulations are taken to training afterward, but they find these training tools time-consuming and unnecessary and complete the training without learning anything. Even worse, the simulations applied often do not suit the industry or position in which the company operates.

Latest developments in cyber security: employee-oriented protection

Employee-oriented cybersecurity training with realistic simulations is required to ensure that employees adopt safe behaviors. You can raise your employees’ awareness with breach and attack simulations, including attacks against endpoints, networks, and cloud security controls. We offer you a top-level cybersecurity package with simulations that will help you identify and fix weak points of your company. With our products, you can detect risks and fend off attacks without getting damaged with solutions specific to you.

How to adapt the latest development in cyber security to your organization?

1. Simulate real threats

The first thing you can do to adapt to the latest developments in cyber security is to find your weak spots with real attack methods (real phishing messages) and texts and raise awareness of employees about current risks. With our phishing simulation tool, you can form several units, teams, groups, and organizations. This allows you to plan and organize phishing experiments in a very focused and precise manner. Our tool offers various content and tool regarding phishing simulations. We provide our users with difficult tests that can help guarantee the safety of your company. We are regularly producing new material to adapt to new threats and malicious behaviors.

2. Apply smart solutions

Analyze your employees’ attitude toward potential attacks to identify employee-appropriate training. Measure the consequences of misconduct and keep your company moving along with employee training. Detect progress in your employees’ behavior with repetitive attack simulations. Our cyber security awareness tool also allows users to build strategic training and awareness projects.  Other than the educations, we also offer our users contents like tip sheets, posters, screensavers, etc., to help training programs all through the year. You can monitor your employee’s progress and quantify with this tool, we provide you a powerful framework to recognize flawed behaviors within your company.

3. Test your technologies

Strengthen your security system with email security gap analysis tools. Sometimes the anti-virus programs that you’re using don’t recognize these dangerous attached links or files. You can only identify malicious software by behavioral analysis. Our email gap analysis tool includes suspected harmful materials in your attachments. Our tool also includes documents that replicate popular ransomware attacks and malicious behavior.

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