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Today, most companies organize regular cybersecurity training to increase the cyber awareness of their employees. However, they do not make enough effort in the post-training reporting part. Measuring the results is as important as organizing the cybersecurity training. One of the most important things for improvement is setting goals, whether you are already in the business or want to measure the impact of programs you have been implementing for a long time. Companies often want to schedule effective and low-cost training. So how to measure the effectiveness of cybersecurity training?

The Effectiveness of Cybersecurity Training

Cost-effective and low-impact cyber awareness trainings are unwanted by company officials who want to maximize return on investment. Incomplete return on investment as a result of budget calculations may cause a decrease in the money allocated to cyber security training, or even no money. That’s why it’s so important to implement the most effective training. Here are some tips for measuring the impact of training.

How to Measure the Effect of Cybersecurity Training?: What To Look For

Number of Reports

Cybersecurity training aims to ensure that suspicious e-mails are reported by employees. Therefore, you should expect the number of reported incidents to increase after the training. To understand how effective cybersecurity training is, review the number of incidents reported. If the number of reports does not increase as the training progress and the employees become conscious, it means that the cyber awareness of the employees does not increase. Our Incident Response tool helps you examine reported incidents in detail. Accordingly, you can produce weekly, monthly, and yearly statistics.

Email Reporting Percentage

Employees receive hundreds of emails every day. With the switch to remote work, e-mail traffic has also increased significantly. According to statistics, phishing emails constitute a significant part of the e-mails we receive every day. You can tell whether your employees are able to distinguish these phishing emails from real mail by looking at the percentage of emails reported. If the rate of phishing emails reported is very low, your employees are not yet qualified to recognize threats and report them correctly. In such a case, we recommend that you increase the informative lessons and simulations on phishing emails.

It is also important to test how protected your e-mail systems are against attacks using our Email Gap Analysis. Our Gap Analysis Tool regularly tests your e-mail applications, notifying you of the rate of e-mails falling into your inbox unnoticed by your systems. Also, you can make important inferences by checking that this rate does not match the rate reported by the employees. If your email reporting percentage is high and the clickthrough rate for phishing emails is low, you’re on the right track.

Employee Test Results

Cybersecurity training does not help you understand how much of which employee is informed. After the training, you should evaluate the knowledge of the employees with phishing simulations and tests. For this, you can understand how much they know about the subject by putting them to tests by creating questions that include topics such as cybersecurity and data privacy. Make sure that the questions in the test are relevant to the most pressing security and privacy risks that concern the company. This will ensure that employees have a good understanding of company goals and priorities.

In addition, phishing simulations also test the cybersecurity awareness of employees. According to the simulation results, you will see what your employees will do in a real attack. Using our Phishing Simulator, you can easily obtain employee click-through rates on a phishing email, malicious link, or attachment. Click for more information.

CyberSecurity Costs

Your company may face serious financial losses as a result of any phishing attack, ransomware, or another cyber incident. Another aim of the departments responsible for providing cybersecurity in companies is to keep the company safe at the least possible cost. If the costs of cybersecurity training exceed the financial damage that the attacks can cause, there is a problem.

Most companies decide to train their employees after falling victim to a cyberattack. So you can easily check if the cybersecurity costs are more than the damage you received in this attack. If there is a serious problem, do research to find out where the problem may be originating. Maybe you are training your employees in the wrong way, or maybe you are making the necessary expense to avoid incidents that will cost you more. Security training module we offer you aims to train your employees in the most effective way in every field. If your research points to the first option, we recommend that you visit our site and check out our Cyber ​​Security Awareness Training tool.

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