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Nowadays, everyone is talking about the attacks that have increased during the coronavirus period. So what is the reason for the increase in phishing and ransomware attacks during the epidemic period? Experts say the remote working system is the most significant factor that increases attacks. With the outbreak, most companies that switched to remote working systems still prefer to work remotely. This rapid growth of working from home seems to have caused great difficulties for companies. Especially cybersecurity vulnerabilities and increasing phishing attacks give companies a hard time. That’s why we have compiled 5 steps for effective cybersecurity.

Why Do Companies Need 5 Steps for Effective Cybersecurity?

Many companies have difficulty in this transition period because they do not have a cybersecurity plan. There are serious gaps in cybersecurity systems, even in companies that introduce various rules during the remote working period.

Most companies were unaware of the potential vulnerabilities that would increase with remote working in this respect. The vast majority of employees had devices that were not protected by any antivirus program or security system. It was relatively easy to protect the company when all employees were doing their jobs using office equipment. Cybersecurity teams used to install and maintain the devices used by employees beforehand. But now, cybersecurity teams are obliged to protect employees’ personal devices from phishing attacks. Unless these personal devices are protected, companies will continue to be more vulnerable to cyberattacks. Experts often state that it is vital to establish an effective cybersecurity system during the remote working period.

Here are the 5 Steps for Effective Cyber ​​Security!

1.Test the cybersecurity tools you already have.

Understanding how well your company’s security systems protect you is the first step in creating an effective cybersecurity system. In particular, you can test how protected your e-mail systems are using our E-mail Gap Analysis tools. You can also find out whether your company complies with the current security and data privacy rules by applying to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The International Organization for Standardization examines your cybersecurity systems and provides a certificate of compliance with the rules.

2. Improve your network infrastructure.

Investing in a network infrastructure that your employees can use anywhere and in any way is critical to ensuring cybersecurity. VPNs and similar advanced network infrastructures ensure the protection of sensitive data and the safe maintenance of corporate applications. In this way, your employees can easily do their jobs without worrying about any phishing attacks.

3. Use two-factor (2FA) and/or multi-factor authentication (MFA).

Making the security protocol suitable for remote operation is as important as the cybersecurity systems in your company. Without the proper security protocol, hackers can easily infiltrate your corporate network. With multi-factor authentication, you can prevent hackers from infiltrating your network, even if they have a username and password. It is challenging for attackers to bypass these additional security protocols. With these verification systems, you can protect your company data and employee personal information from potential attacks.

4. Raise the awareness of your employees with cybersecurity awareness training.

In addition to cybersecurity and protective systems, you need trained and conscious employees to protect your company from attacks. Attacks caused by employees who do not know how to behave while working on the Internet can dearly cost your company. With cybersecurity awareness training, you can train your unconscious employees and minimize the risk of attacks. Regular and planned training is instrumental in protecting companies from phishing attacks. Click for more information.

5. Prepare your employees for attacks with phishing simulations.

Phishing simulations are the best method to test how conscious they are after raising your employees’ awareness with cybersecurity training. The simulations prepare your employees for possible phishing attacks and help them understand what to do in the event of an attack. Based on the phishing simulation results, you can find out who was fooling the malicious e-mail or message and train your employees according to their mistakes. It is straightforward to get detailed results using our Phishing Simulator. Click for more information.

What Can Companies Do In Addition to These 5 Steps for Effective Cybersecurity?

In addition to these measures, it is very critical for companies to follow the developing cybersecurity sector. In such a period where hackers improve themselves every day, companies should do their best to improve their cybersecurity systems. You can visit our site to get information about developments and to follow up-to-date cybersecurity methods.

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